An option for car batteries Cape Town is Battery Man

An option for car batteries Cape Town is Battery Man. Having operated in Durban for over 3 decades, they now bring quality car batteries to Cape Town residents. Car batteries Cape Town have an average lifespan of about 5 years. Vehicle owners should start to take serious concern in maintaining their car batteries Cape Town from around 3 years of installation. Aself-check can be done but it is hardly likely that majority of drivers would have a trained knowledge on how to handle car batteries Cape Town nor have the tools to carry out the tasks. It is also very dangerous to go fiddling about with a car battery if you do not possess a full knowledge on them. One wrong move and it could explode.

The acid can cause some serious burns to the skin. Rather go to the experts to prolong the lifespan of car batteries Cape Town. Battery Man offers battery tests for free. This will include the physical status of the battery and to ensure it is storing energy properly. Battery Man goes the extra mile for their car batteries Cape Town customers and do analysis on the vehicles alternator as well. The alternator is the component which produces energy, ensuring that the car battery always has power. The charging rates must be consistent. Too much of energy will overwhelm the battery and cause overheating.


Too little energy and the battery will not have sufficient power to live up to the vehicles standard level of brightness or to quickly start off the vehicle in colder weather. At Battery Man in Cape Town this service is free of charge. If the car battery is indeed found to be at fault and will need replacing then it can be handled immediately. Car batteries Cape Town are stored on site and can be installed right then and there. The installation itself for car batteries Cape Town are also free. The only thing that customers would be paying for is the car battery itself. All car batteries Cape Town supplied by Battery Man come from the acclaimed First National Battery brand.

They are a local SouthAfrican company whose car batteries are the choice for big name companies like Mercedes and BMW when their vehicles are being manufactured in the country. Their car batteries are not available for sale directly to the public though. They can only be purchased through a franchise option such as Battery Man. Quality does come at a price but car batteries Cape Town customers will find that purchasing through Battery Man will offer them the best deals around. In addition to this, Battery Man provides their car batteries Cape Town customers with various warranty periods. Car batteries Cape Town with Battery Man can be purchased for light small cars all the way up to commercial heavy duty vehicles and even boats. They really mean it when they say they have an extensive range of ca batteries. Battery Man is there to service all car batteries Cape Town needs.