Winter Driving Tips

The winter road conditions are more varied and changeable; it is important to adapt your driving accordingly. You must also be prepared to deal with emergencies and cope with the cold season with a vehicle in good condition.

Prepare your vehicle

Winter is very hard for auto mechanics and a vehicle in bad shape may be expensive. It is never too late for a good development, which will seek a review of electrical components and air intake systems, power, exhaust and cooling, including verification of the windscreen ice.

It is prudent to have in the trunk of his car emergency kit in case of problems. In winter, this package should be more voluminous. Shovel, snow brush, scraper, skid plates or abrasive material bag, winter washer fluid, all these elements should be added to those that you keep to the year in your vehicle.

As for safety, you should always have on board triangles or reflective vest, a flashlight that works without batteries, some tools, a first aid kit, a warm blanket and non-perishable food in the event of a breakdown in an isolated area.


Have the light foot

As soon as you suspect that the floor is at risk, either because of snow or ice, the golden rule is to go easy on the accelerator. Compliance with this requirement allows your tires to better adhere to the floor. Similarly, it is smooth it takes to handle the steering wheel to maintain control of the vehicle.

Practice necessary

If you lack insurance, perhaps you should exercise in a vast desert park, for example. A few turns, braking or skidding at moderate speed, done without fear of unpleasant consequences, it cannot hurt.

How to react in case of skidding of the vehicle front

When turning, all is fine as long as the tires’ bite the floor. “However, from the time when the centrifugal force is greater than the adhesion of the front tires, your vehicle starts to skid forward, what is called understeer.

The slippage of the phenomenon is often due to excessive speed or a wheel lock. To stop it, lower the pressure on the accelerator or the brake pedal and steer the wheels in the direction of the curve while looking in the direction you want to steer the vehicle. So if you need chrome wheels for your truck then see the usarim has 6 lug chrome wheels for Chevy trucks.

Of course, the turning should be performed smoothly, which proves easy since the wheels have already turned in the required direction. But be careful with traction and also with propulsion: If you strongly off the throttle, the rear wheels could start to skid.

What to do in case of the rear vehicle to skid

If you notice suddenly that the back of your car tends to take its own path, it is oversteer. To remedy this, simply turn the front wheels in the direction that the rear began to skid, while watching course in the direction you want to go.

Often the vehicle skids again but in the opposite direction, so be prepared to repeat the maneuver, combining smoothness and speed. This delicate operation requires great presence of mind. So, never forget that the eyes should be focused where the vehicle must go, not where he goes!

Bet on prevention

Avoid sudden maneuvers and adapt speed to the weather conditions are basic rules for safe winter driving. But we must also be wary of special conditions.

A floor may appear dry while it is covered with black ice. Invisible on the pavement, the ice usually forms when the temperature is around 0 ° C. The bridges and the top and bottom of the viaducts are places where inattentive motorist may encounter sneaky ice patches.

When leaving the city for the countryside, the state of the road can suddenly go from dry pavement to snowy or icy conditions. The safe driver will decrease his speed to avoid surprises caused by a radical change in tire grip.

Your best ally: the reaction time!

If, during the summer, it is highly recommended to keep a minimum distance equivalent to 3 seconds with the vehicle ahead, in winter, this distance should be longer, sometimes up to 6 seconds or more. A larger follow-up interval will allow you to make the best decision in an emergency situation while offering a much more enjoyable ride because you can anticipate the movement of traffic. Think about that the next time you exit!